Environmental and process engineering

Thin wire - strong for the environment

Air and water are our most precious natural resources.

ASW-KARG knit wire mesh technology helps to preserve and safeguard them.

Our droplet separators/demister packs, liquid filters and air filters, cascade separators, coalescence inserts ... are tried-and-tested standard components in treatment technology for liquid or gaseous emission carriers (salt water desalination/waste water...).

  • High separating efficiency
  • Resistance to highly corrosive media
  • Long operating life guaranteed
  • Low pressure losses 100 - 500 Pa
  • Possibility to separate dispersions and emulsions
  • Material combinations possible oil and emulsion mist separators
  • Straightforward cleaning, use of renewable knit wire meshes
  • Easy assembly / dismantling
  • Low specific costs (investment, operating costs)
  • Easy handling
  • Very fine mist separation