Knit wire mesh - ventilation technology

ASW-KARG intake and exhaust air filter sets based on knit wire meshes are tried-and-tested system components used in vehicle technology and environmental engineering.

A special multilayer structure in the preliminary production stages produces wound or press part inserts with a deep filter structure and separating function.


  • High degree of effectiveness, up to 99%
  • Good separation rate (oil droplets 5 - 40 micrometres)
  • Highly efficient dehumidifying characteristic
  • Low pressure losses
  • Noise-damping



  • Engine technology – intake air filters, exhaust air filters, crankcase ventilation, brake system ventilation
  • Interior cabin ventilation
  • Oil and emulsion mist separators
  • Pneumatic tools (HILTI ...)
  • Hydraulic prefilters
  • Foam blockers