ASW–Karg Wire Technology GmbH

Our company name has been synonymous since 1960 with the highest level of expertise in the industrial further processing of fine wires, industrial fibres and filaments.

As a company which operates on the global stage, we are a development partner and manufacturer of sophisticated industrial knit wire meshes and metal braids as well as compound solutions for the automotive industry, environmental and process engineering, power engineering and general industrial applications.

As a systems supplier in the construction of plant and equipment for cording and stranding machines, ASW–Karg Wire Technology has become an established brand name.

Our innovative developments and individual solutions, supreme manufacturing standards and precise production procedures, our timely quality standards and effective control mechanisms satisfy the highest demands.
At its site in Germany, ASW-Karg Wire Technology GmbH employs a team of over 50 highly motivated and superbly well-qualified workers. Using state-of-the-art special wire technology that we have developed ourselves, we have become an established SI partner to our customers worldwide.

ASW-Karg Wire Technology GmbH offers its partners highly efficient prototyping in relation to components and complete fabrication of individual machines and systems.

In the delivery sector, we produce products ranging from unique items to large batches, operating in three shifts with a certified level of quality. We are of course also happy to assist you in designing your products.

Our developments in cording technology have been appreciated right across industry for many decades now: They are synonymous with supreme precision and customised solutions for users. The market leaders in our customer sectors in Europe and beyond place their trust in our know-how.



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