ASW-Karg Wire Technology GmbH - Tradition & innovation

1 July 1960: Company "Maschinenbau Friedrich Karg GmbH" founded by the man after whom it is named.

Start of production of the first cording and stranding machines and industrial knit wire meshes for the predominantly national group of customers in the cable industry in a section of Ellingen's German Order palace.

1964: Construction of the first production hall

at the new branch offices at Weiboldshausener Str. 1.

  • 1965 Construction of an office and residential building
  • 1969 First annexe building - production hall Expansion of the business field of stranding technology to cover the international market too. Development of a knit wire mesh production facility for industrial users.

1970: Company's 10-year anniversary

Successful start-up of production in the new "metal knits" division with the first knitted units to be developed and made in house.

  • 1972 Second annexe building - production hall
  • 1975 Revision of the Baseline stranding machine series and development of double-twist stranding systems Extension / expansion of the knit wire mesh production as a result of increased demand from the automotive sector

1980: Expansion of product range

through the addition of metal braids and the development of a corresponding manufacturing department. Further expansion of wire technology with offers such as foil spinner units, core processes, backtwists …

  • 1985 Third annexe building: production hall 1,000 m². First mass orders for knit wire mesh shaped parts and filter elements for the automotive industry and process engineering 1988 Assembly of an expert team - automotive and new technologies for the industrial knit wire meshes division Start of development of a new, electronic stranding machine generation in SI association with a main customer - the company LEONI
  • 1995 First deliveries of the new stranding machine unit EM 630 for cable variants in the automotive sector. Further expansion of the machine technology for metal mesh production through the design and construction of 10 customer-specific fabrication units M + H. Establishment of a QM system in accordance with the guidelines of the automotive industry in collaboration with the Bavarian branch of the German Technical Control Board.
  • 1999 First delivery of the new stranding machine unit EM 800

2001: Change of generations in the management of the company.

Successful expansion of the "Safety and Airbag Technology" business segment on the basis of knit wire meshes thanks to innovative system solutions and dedicated production technology.

  • 2002 The trust our customers place in us allows the company to start operating multiple shifts and to create 15 new jobs. The company is successfully certified in accordance with the newly configured DIN ISO 9002.
  • 2003 Successful certification of the company in accordance with the international DIN ISO 9001-2000. Expansion of the personnel in the competence team to focus on fuel cell technology / renewable energy sources.
  • 2004 Successful certification of the company in accordance with the international ISO/TS 16949-2002.
  • 2005 Official opening and commissioning of two new, automatic press sections for airbag filter units and automotive bearing and damping elements made from knit metal meshes and compounds, annual capacity of 5,000,000 units
  • 2009 Start of planning work for new 1,000 m² production hall for industrial knit wire meshes and components as well as process-engineering filter elements and filter modules at company headquarters in Ellingen / Bavaria.

2022: Rebranding "ASW-Karg Wire Technology GmbH"



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