Automotive and vehicle engineering

Safety and comfort thanks to ASW-Karg Wire Technology

For 50 years now, intelligent wire products from ASW-Karg Wire Technology have been essential components in lots of vehicle developments. Their areas of application range from highly sensitive passenger protection through to environmentally relevant, modern exhaust system technology.

New materials and our specific product know-how provide today's engineers with lots of scope to come up with attractive new developments.

  • Knit wire mesh - spacer and damping rings
  • Knit wire mesh - axial bearing rings (diesel particle filters, catalytic converters ...)
  • Compensation elements in engines
  • Damping elements for exhaust gas systems, EGR pipes, heat shields and additions to bodywork
  • Decoupler element - components
  • Knit wire mesh - oil separators (intake air preparation, engine ventilation...)
  • Filter / droplet separator sets for commercial vehicle compressor units
  • Bypass seal / exhaust protection for bearing mats and fibre inserts
  • Unit bearings