For the benefit of the environment

ASW-KARG knitted metal components and subassemblies make a crucial contribution to the functional reliability of modern exhaust systems.

Mesh-pack assemblies have proven to be excellent as a fibre-free medium in catalytic converter technology. They are used here as a vibration-damping bearing element for valuable substrate carriers (cordierite / SIC, DPF, OXI). In the systems, they compensate for material-divergent, thermodynamic relative movements and create – on account of the low density of their body – insulating air cushions with stable mechnical distancing and low intrinsic weight. As edge-protection or spacer rings, they are an established component in ceramic and full-metal particle filters/diesel soot filters.

Manufacturing techniques which have been newly developed by ASW-Karg Wire Technology allow virtually all filament materials to be processed even in a commercial vehicle format and thus create freedom of design for environmentally friendly component concepts.

MFK KAT-Solutions: bearing mats and rings for monoliths, spacer elements in air-gap-insulated pipe systems, exhaust/trickle protection with mineral or glass fibre fillings in sound muffler segments, bypass seals, fibre-free heat-shield inlays, coating supports for catalytic converters, for example for chain saws, knitted metal meshes offer resistance to condensates, reduce vibrations and structure-borne sound, have an insulating effect and are fully recyclable.


Technical characteristics

• long lifespan

• low weight

• good vibration damping

• high thermal resistance

• high durability

• fully recyclable

Our services

• development • knit wire meshes • module assembly