Knit wire mesh filters / filter basics

Filters are used to separate or clean a medium, usually suspensions or an aerosol. Knit wire mesh is an outstanding base material for this because it combines agglomeration and a deep filter action in all spatial planes or can be the support structure for biomechanical cleaning processes – its variance is great.

Deliverable structures:

  • Coarse, basic, fine (micro mesh)
  • As a smooth web, structured (corrugated...)
  • In material combinations
  • As a wound body, sheet pack, inlay element...

ASW-KARG development and mechanical engineering draw up meshwork and composite materials which are suitable for users, including for your specific requirements.

Applications: demisters, agglomerators, coalescence inserts, air and water filters, oil mist separators, scum sieves, grease filters, dust filters, foam collectors, static filters, seawater desalination units, extraction units, kitchen technology, processing centres, roll trains...


Application examples