Coalescence separators

ASW-KARG coalescence inserts make a contribution to active protection of the environment.

They provide cost-effective solutions in the basic treatment of colloid systems (dispersions, emulsions). Their mode of action is based on the principle of the agglomeration and coalescence of small droplets on frame structures made from wires (stainless steel), monofilaments and multifilaments (PP, PE, PTFE ...), fibres or combinations thereof. Oil-water mixtures but also air-borne impurities (aerosol/dust/liquid particles) can thus be prepurified or removed. Coalescence inserts can be delivered as wire mesh packs, former packages or in cassette form. 



Wastewater treatment (automatic car washes...), refinery technology, process technology, chemical plant construction, machine tools, compactor technology, pump construction, vehicle technology...


Phase separation